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Multinlingual Storyteller
Over the years, Marc Laberge has performed in several storytelling festivals across America, Europe, and Africa, while also holding numerous storytelling workshops throughout Switzerland, Belgium, France, and Québec. According to his audience, he delivers his tales in french, english, spanish, as well as italian.

Marc Laberge appeals to one's imagination through personal life and adventure stories, tales of the wilderness, as well as folk narratives based on Québec's imagery. An author as well as a seasoned adventure-photographer and storyteller, he has written a number of award-winning novels for young readers. Marc Laberge is the director of the Montreal Intercultural Storytelling Festival.

English Repertoire

The Glacier
Adventure stories
60 min.  |  General audience  |  9 years +

Grandmother's Soup
Real-life stories and other tales
60 min  |  General audience  |  7 years +

English Tours


14th Yukon International Storytelling Festival
Sundog Storytelling Festival, Winnipeg


Vancouver Storytelling Festival, Vancouver
The 22nd Toronto Festival Of Storytelling, Toronto


Prince Edward Island Storytelling Festival, Charlottetown

Other Tours

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